“I have been on the hormone replacement therapy for 7 years now. I’m 59 yrs. old and have been water skiing competitively for 40 years. I noticed immediately that my recovery time was much shorter, and I didn’t have the extreme soreness that I would normally have for the first couple of weeks in the spring. I sleep much better, my mind is as sharp as it was in my thirties. My energy level is much better and I have been able to stop taking some of the medications that my family Dr. had me on. Dr. Bobbitt and the staff at Vigour are all very dedicated to the patients they treat. They are always friendly and will address any questions that you may have. I would encourage everyone to check into this treatment. It is amazing!!!”

Bruce B.

Cincinnati, Ohio

“I have been on this therapy since November of 2010. Prior to therapy I was very depressed and had all the symptoms of menopause including severe depression. I didn’t want to continue living. I can honestly say that the SottoPelle Therapy has given me my life back, even with having a full hysterectomy. Dr. Bobbitt and the staff of Vigour are very caring and professional. I have recommended this office to everyone I meet. “Thank-you” for giving me my life back and I wish you much success!

Luana W.

Cincinnati, Ohio

“I have been a patient of Dr. Bobbitt’s and have utilized many of the services offered at Vigour. BHRT was and still is a real,sensible and safe way for me to regain and maintain the “real me” The vitality for life and the ability to function in a thoughtful and cognitive pattern is what has allowed me to continue my business and to enjoy a robust personal life over the past several years.” “As we age, the outward signs all appear. The ZO Medical and ZO Skin Health products that Vigour recommends are amazing. I have been using them during this past year and my skin feels wonderful. My face looks younger and a lot more toned.Existing age spots have either faded or are gone. Friends noticed the change almost immediately. My regimen was customized for me by Vigour. “it’s like having a daily spa service at home.”

Marilyn K.

Mason, Ohio