Estrogen and testosterone are both important for overall skin health. But after bringing both of these hormones into balance, many of us need a little something more in order for our outward appearance to match how we now feel on the inside.

At Vigour, Dr. Bobbitt offers a full array of in-office procedures including…

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Licensed Esthetician on Staff

Offering a wide range of services including microdermabrasion, permanent makeup, facials and chemical peels.

Dr. Bradley Bobbitt

Dr. Bradley Bobbitt

Medical Director, Vigour

“My face looks younger and a lot more toned.  Existing age spots have either faded or are gone.  Friends noticed the change almost immediately.  My regimen was customized for me by Vigour.  It’s like having a daily spa service at home.” Marilyn K.


Laura Baker

New Patient Coordinator
Office Manager

Permanent Makeup

  • We only use pure pigments from Germany
  • Our machine is the only one of its kind that eliminates the possibility of cross contamination
  • Our technician has been trained and certified by a Master Trainer


We use & recommend

ZO Skincare products


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